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The structures of “Il Colle del Falco” have been designed and built to ensure the care of the horses in the best possible way. Covered and uncovered structures with bottoms designed for every need are the flagship of our team.

Covered facility measuring 40 x 20 meters.

It is accessible in each weather condition; it is ideal for the equestrian classes, to warm up, and to work out the horse prior to the walk.

We care for our and your horses’ health, for this reason we have a ground base built out of sand and enriched with fabric that does not include recycled polyester; this objects to reduce the continuous solicitations of the horses’ legs. It also contributes in having a softer base, building a perfect complement for the training soil.

The outdoors facility features a large portion of land of 33 x 66 meters.

The choice of the base and the soil comes from an accurate study of training reining horses the best way possible.

The covered horse walker is very spacious and it measures 18 meters in diameter. This is optimal for activities such as warm-ups with any weather condition and it is also used for beginner riders’ first saddle-ups. The high walls that surround the structure give our horses the opportunity to work without distractions or sudden scares, which could occur with the transit of people or other animals, guaranteeing ease to us and to them especially during the most sensitive times of the taming or training.

“Il Colle del Falco” has a horse-riding stable formed by 22 boxes measuring 3,5 x 3,10 meters; the box dimensions allow the guest horses to move comfortably within their given box and limit risks of accidental injuries, which would normally occur in smaller boxes.

Designed mainly for broodmare, the stable is also equipped with even larger boxes (4,5 x 3,5 meters) armed with cameras, infrared cameras, and a designated area for gynecological visits.

In the stable, it is guaranteed daily cleaning and horse-bedding hygiene with a specific care by people who adore horses.

Our farm offers large outdoors paddock, which allow for different options in terms of freedom and terrain.

There are some areas with solid and secure structures to shelter, while there are some areas with flat land or terrain sloped depending on the horses’ needs, their breeding path, and their eventual growth shared with their owner. The spaces, the food, and the care dedicated to your horses will come from a joint agreement between the owners and us, with a specific attention towards the health and wellbeing of your horse.

Inside the saddler there is a designated space for horse washing, where it is possible to use cold and warm water for the horses’ hygiene and cleaning, even during the winter months, reducing the risk of them being exposed to the cold.

“Il Colle del Falco”, also offers a saddler for clients with personal spaces suitable for storing all their gears and tools needed for the horse care.

The Club House of our farm offers a relaxing and convivial environment enjoyable before and after the rides, the private lessons, and all the saddler activities.

A simple and elegant space where to sit, maybe drink a coffee, and have good conversations…

There are also two large dressing rooms (male and female) where it is possible to get changed freely and to store your belongings in assigned personal lockers. It is also possible to use showers with warm and cold water to better face for horse riding during each season of the year.